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Character building: behind our ‘We’re with you’ commitment

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It’s fair to say that, for over 26 years, Buildcorp has relied on strong relationships and a solid reputation, and tried to avoid overusing ‘marketing speak’ to promote our services and achievements. Over recent months however, our stakeholders might have noticed a slight shift in our approach. We ramped-up communications of our news and values. We also introduced a new way of communicating our difference as a business, called our ‘We’re with you’ commitment.

We did this for two reasons:

  1. To make it easier for a wider range of people to understand the way we work, and
  2. To attract and retain our own people who already live by our values. This ensures that Teamwork, Creative Thinking, Continual Learning, Passion, Preparedness, Fair Play and Social Responsibility form the foundations of each project we deliver.

We’re with you is just a simple way of saying that we’re a partnering, collaborative business. And as a result of working this way, we’ve enjoyed more than 26 years of success – passionate staff, loyal customers, innovative systems, supportive suppliers and a reputation to be proud of.

So call it ‘marketing speak’ or call it ‘plain speaking’ but, we’re pretty proud of the way our people and partners work, and we’d like to promote that as widely as possible. And if you’re not too tired of this marketing pitch, why not enjoy our short film (click on the top image) that explains how the values of our people built the character of our business and what that has helped us to achieve.  

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